Following a Digital Photography Guide and Learning Your New Camera

Once you obtain your new-fangled digital camera, a reasonable chance is you’re not fairly sure how to use it. For this reason a digital photography guide can be practical when you’re learning about your new-fangled toy. If you want a digital photography guide, here are some options you have:

Internet – the essential source

This days, the Internet is efficient as the central source for any query, trouble or interest you may have. If you are sprouting an interest in digital photography, the Net is a superior way to find what you need in a matter of seconds. Simply types in the words digital photography guide in any search engine, and you will be redirected to a number of websites that can help you with digital photography. Search engines such as Google.Com,, and is wonderful gateway into answering your question or queries.

Your Neighborhood Bookstore

If you don’t have access to the Internet, or like to find things simply, than going to your neighborhood bookstore is a good way to find a digital photography guide. There will be an overflow of books on how to use your digital camera, how to successfully take digital photographs, and how to edit them on your computer. Using a book to guide you are beneficial, as you could get it wherever you go with your camera, and even refer to it as your successfully taking pictures.

Taking a photography course

Another alternative for a digital photography guide is successfully taking a course. If you are passionate enough about learning the famous art of digital photography, and don’t would appreciate to do it on your own, then think about signing up for a class. Many community colleges offer ways once or twice a week, flexible to your schedule to learn this craft. The sections may charge a bit more than a book or using the Internet, but you’re given the opportunity to learn your hobby in-depth, and have an instructor to give you guidance and constructive criticism along the approach.

Not every person is born technically gifted. Some of us need a little push to assist us understand the unknown devices that are popping up in all places. That is why a digital photography guide is practical and vital. Whether you prefer to just surf the Internet for the information you want, read a notebook or even take a section, learning the photography of digital photography is well suited time and money spent.

You are now prepared for your first fantastic shot with your new Digital Camera. Remember, lots of light and gets close to the object before you snaps you first photo. A good rule of thumb is that if the object you are photographing are more than 4 meters away.

Photography Business – 5 Ways Your Photo Business is Stealing From You & 5 Ways to Turn it Around

5 Places Your Business Could Be Stealing Money From You

1. Working On Your Website – Your computer is the brain of your photography business. It’s used to do everything from prospecting to billing. Typically our website is the first interaction we have with the outside world and in order to keep it fresh and inviting it has to be maintained.

You can easily spend days updating photo galleries, testing links, adding mailing list capture forms to analyzing web stats and other time consuming tasks.

2. Answering Your Own Email – Nothing will rob you of billable hours than checking and answering emails. For many of us it’s the first thing we do everyday. So you can imagine that it doesn’t long before you realize that your whole day was shot reading, writing and sending emails.

3. Doing Your Own Photo Editing – Second to managing emails editing your own photos will definitely suck up an indefinite number of hours that you could be spent on income producing projects or prospecting new business.

4. Maintaining Your Blog – Blogging has become an invaluable tool for prospecting new business as well as maintaining relationships with current clients, vendors and prospects. You could spend hours setting up your blog, designing graphics, adding new posts, creating content and replying to posts.

5. Managing Your Own Mailing List & Following Up With Prospects – Whether it’s direct mail or email we all need a list of prospects that we can correspond with a regular basis. But if you spending your day designing our own graphics to send to the printer, printing mailing labels, running to the post office to purchase stamps, setting up your own email newsletters, auto responders and such you won’t have much time or energy to work on your business.

Now I realize that you may be thinking that all the things I listed above is working “on” your business, but I’m here to tell you they aren’t. As a matter of fact if you haven’t closed any business, or made any direct contacts for meetings, ‘your’ secretarial skills is not working for your photography business.

5 Ways to Turn Things Around So You Can Run A More Profitable Business

1. Stop Yourself Throughout The Day, Take Notice & Apply The Acid Test – The next time you’re answering email for example, stop for a moment and ask yourself “Is this task actually making me money”, in other words is this an income producing activity or could this be delegated to someone else?

2. Make A List Of Current Tasks – Go through your day and make a list of things that you blindly work on and apply the acid test to those tasks. Ask yourself, “could I hire someone to do this for me?”

3. Hire Help – Once you’re clear on what you can delegate go about the process of hiring a personal assistant -or- sometimes referred to, as the Virtual Assistant is basically a personal assistant who doesn’t actually report to your office. As a matter of fact they may not even live in the same city.

Virtual assistants can be hired for as little or as much time as you need, they are not staff employees so there are no records to maintain and you’re not obligated to use them monthly. Only hire assistants, as you need.

4. Be Clear About What You Need & What You Expect – Any assistant is only as good as your ability clarify what you need from them.